3B Smart Anatomy

An award winning new way of learning and teaching human anatomy


3B Scientific launched the innovative concept of combining extensive virtual content with its original anatomical models called 3B Smart Anatomy in July 2019.  

The concept of Virtual meets Reality in anatomy education

3B Scientific has teamed up with 3D4Medical, the specialist in the development of realistic anatomical content in the virtual format of an anatomy app to create an extensive course library of 3B Smart Anatomy courses.  

With every registered 3B Smart Anatomy model, it includes 23 anatomy lectures, 117 interactive virtual models and 39 quizzes.  

High-tech label that unlocks it all

On each original 3B Scientific anatomy model, customers will find a smart label with NFC technology and a QR code.   

Upon registration, customers can access to anatomical model that has been rendered in 3D which offers users over 13,000 anatomical parts to create an unprecedented realistic and high resolution content to be accessed anywhere and anytime.


Medical Simulation and Anatomical Sets

Manufacturer: 3B Scientific

Country of Origin: Germany