RaVoR™ Bipolar Electrodes

RaVoR™ (Radiofrequency Volume Reduction) is an interstitial application for submucosal tissue shrinkage. Radiofrequency energy causes deliberate local lesions through the short and selective heating o



Instrument’s shape follows the anatomy
The shape of the RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes follow the anatomy, thus allowing easy access to the application site, giving optimal view and perfect control over the instrument.

Ideal lesions
RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes make oval-shaped, long lesions possible. Both shape and size allow treating a bigger area while protecting bony structures as well as mucosa. 

Protecting mucosa
A thin insulating layer protects the surface of the mucosa from thermal damage.

Autoclavable and reusable
RaVoR™ bipolar electrodes can be cleaned and autoclaved, just like conventional surgical instruments.