Calvian® - bipolar forceps

Bipolar coagulation in FESS, transnasal endoscopic Skull Base Surgery and Larynx Surgery The 15° and 45° angled tips of the Calvian® bipolar forceps facilitate access to hard-to-reach areas and confi


Sutter offers a variety of models in different working lengths and angulations. In addition, models are available with or without suction.

An alternative to the short version of the Calvian® are the Calvian® duckbill+ bipolar forceps. Thanks to an improved design of the tips, front-end coagulation is possible. Hard-to-reach vessels and tissue can be coagulated without being grasped. In addition, the position of the suction channel provides more room for grasping of fine structures and helps to avoid unwanted suction.


Front-end coagulation is possible.

Hard-to-reach vessels and structures can be coagulated thanks to the recessed opening of the suction channel.




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