DIGITAL 5 modul

The A-Mode ultrasound module


The A-mode ultrasound module for integretation into the practice IT system / notebooks, fitting all standard requirements, like

  • KBV
  • 4,25 MHz probe
  • printing

Just like a classic stand-alone A-ultrasound system, the most important functions like signal amplification, data storage and printing are triggered by knobs and buttons. Alternatively over the onscreen menue or by touch screen actions.

The flexible application allows to work quickly, such as quick wiping of memory or screening examination data without patient data input.

Thanks to the high electrical insulation category the DIGITAL 5 module may be connected to any conventional notebook / PC without losing its medical license. Power is supplied over the USB data cable.

The DIGITAL 5 modul components can be connected to all commercial laptop variants (system requirement Windows 7 and above).