PES Pilot HDpro

The new standard in videoendoscopy


As the latest addition to the PES family, the Pilot sets a new standard as portable videoendoscopy system with regards to image qualityhandling and functionality.

The PES Pilot is designed to strongly improve the quality and simplify the process of endoscopic examinations. This is achieved with the latest full HD C-MOS chip technology and a touchscreen with no-loss of contrast.

With its front-mounted touchscreen and compact dimensions the device can be set up in the user’s working area so that all the functions can be conveniently operated on the Pilot screen without the need to move. The camera offers a combination of full HD resolution (optionally 4K) and maximum depth of illumination and so delivers an extremely sharp image of the highest contrast. Numerous IT and connection ports complete the Pilot’s technical strengths.

These features distinguish the PES Pilot from conventional endoscopy systems, creating a ground-breaking future-proof design to enable ENT professionals to work more efficiently.