Compact ENT treatment unit


Reinterpretation of an icon

The idea for the SMART arose from the groundbreaking form of the first ENT treatment unit, the Otopront "Säule" (pillar). This all functional elements in one place unifying design was reinterpreted in respect of today’s requirements as well as technical developments. The result is a highly flexible, yet fully equipped, slim-designed and elegant treatment unit.

In accordance with today’s requirement for flexibility

With its two stable, appropriately sized castors the SMART can be rolled smoothly to different locations. Optional equipment is also provided with castors, such as a microscope with a stand or the accompanying instrument tables and cabinets. The complete unit is therefore flexible for mobile use in outpatient surgery, at the bedside or in several treatment rooms.

Full functionality despite its small dimensions

Thanks to a space-saving arrangement of all components the SMART can be fully equipped: vibration-free high performance surgical suction unit for 24-hour use, hot water with rinsing, compressed air unit, up to 3 automatically switching LED light sources, integration of RF or endoscopy systems and microscopes.

Sophisticated ergonomics and design

All elements can be easily operated both sitting and standing, because of the forwardly inclined top and its circular arrangement around the body. The perfect "assistant" for standing treatment.