The technologically and functionally fully developed classic


More than 25 years of continuous development

The BASIC PLUS represents - with the product line’s more than 25 years of continuous technical and functional development -  a design optimised, technically skilled classic.

Highest level of combination and customisation options

A modular, freely designable configuration of different variants and sizes of the BASIC PLUS as well as add-on modules and features meets the need for individuality and custom-made solutions.

Practice-oriented, clearly structured workplace design

Distinct lines and shapes provide a tidy, timeless look with calming effect on the patient. At the same time all functional elements are structured, optimally positioned and designed for one-handed operation in daily practice.

Technologically and hygienically up to date

Constant use of the latest technologies and materials in close cooperation with hospitals and practices provide valuable development impulses. The BASIC PLUS sets new standards in terms of hygiene requirements and technical characteristics and offers an outstanding practical handling as well as quick and easy maintenance.